Saizen-in Temple in Bekkaku-honzan (special head temple) of Koyasan.




During the Heian period, "Saizen-in" is a venerable temple opened by "Jakumyo Ajari" above the valley near "Danjo Garan" shortly after "Kobo Daishi" opened "Koyasan".

Also, "Kakuban Shonin" which is the founder of "Shingi Shingon" sect which opened the foundation of "Nenbutu" of "Koyasan" climbed to "Koyasan" and is studied under "Jakumyo Ajari".

After that, in the era of "Sensho Ajari", "Shinran Shonin" visited "Koyasan" and it is told that he was devoted to training "Nenbutu".



Old tradition has it that "Shinran Shonin" of "Jodo Shinshune" was climbed to "Koyasan" in the spring of 1235 "63 years old". "Shinran Shonin" was trained 100 days in front of "Amida Nyorai" of the main priest of "Saizen-in".

In the main hall of "Saizen-in", the self-made self-made figure of "Shinran Shonin" is dedicated, and "Onhatu Soto" in "Okuno-in" is temporarily a Worshipers that surpasses "Kobo Daishi" mausoleum It is said that there was.


Mirei Shigemori garden

In "Saizen-in" there are three gardens planted by the artist "Mirei Shigemori" in the Showa period, and it is designated as a registered monument of the country in 2010. Each garden represents a rich "Koyasan" of water, and the flow of water is tied in three gardens.

Please watch the garden and enjoy the relaxing seasonal atmosphere.


staying in Shukubo

"Saizen-in" is a temple where you can stay. The accommodation has 15 tastefully set guest rooms, and you can slowly stay through the four seasons.

Also, "Saizen-in" has a acquaintance with Mr. Konosuke Matsushita. If you wish, you can stay in the room where Mr. Konosuke Matsushita stayed.



vegetarian dish

"Vegetarian dish" of "Saizen-in" devises traditional methods of cooking while devising every season so that everyone can enjoy the ingredients of the season. Not to mention the classic "Goma-tofu" and "Koya-tofu", you can also enjoy regular local cuisine, incorporating locally available ingredients every time.

In addition to having good balance of health and nutrition, as well as "Hannyato(sake)" (Alcoholic drinks), you can enjoy a day of "Koyasan" while eating together.



We offer various experiencing programs that you can experience "Koyasan" more deeply, such as "Shyakyo", "Ajikan" (meditation method of Esoterics), "Nenju making", guidance of "Koyasan" by monk only Doing.

For details, please visit our reservation site.



scenery of Saizen-in

Please leave the daily hustle and bustle with "Saizen-in" and spend a different time and slowly flowing.