Saizen-in Head Temple of Shingi Shingon sect in Koyasan




A temple with a rich history, Saizen-in was opened by Jakumyu Ajari during the Heian Period above the valley near Danjo Garan shorty after Kobo Daishi founded Koyasan.

Kakuban Shonin, the founder of the Shingi Shingon sect, which is responsible for popularizing within Japan the ritual of chanting to the Amida Buddha, came to Koyasan to be trained under Jakumyu Ajari.

Later on, Shinran Shonin visited Koyasan, where it is said he devoted himself to studying the Amida chant.


Shinran Shonin

According to tradition, Shinran Shonin of the Jodo Shinshune sect climbed to Koyasan in the spring of 1235 at 63 years old. He trained for 100 days at Saizen-in in front of an image of Amida Nyorai.

In the main hall of Saizen-in, there is a self-made figure of Shinran Shonin. In Okunoin is his grave, which is said to have at one time received more visitors than Kobo Daishi`s Mausoleum.


Mirei Shigemori`s Garden

Saizen-in`s three gardens were designed by the artist Mirei Shigemori in the Showa Period. They were designated as a Registered Monument of Japan in 2010. Each garden represents the abundant waters of Koyasan, with the waters of the three gardens flowing into each other.

Please take your time in the gardens and enjoy the relaxing seasonal atmosphere.


Staying at the Temple

Saizen-in offers lodging for guests. The temple has 15 tastefully arranged guestrooms. You can enjoy your time here during each of the four seasons.

Additionally, Saizen-in shares a relationship with Mr. Konosuke Matsushi. If you wish, you can stay in the room where he stayed.


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Buddhist Meals

The Buddhist meals at Saizen-in are prepared by traditional cooking methods, while recipes are arranged each season to take advantage of seasonal ingredients. In addition to the classic Koya-tofu and sesame seed tofu, you can also enjoy cuisine incorporating locally available ingredients.

Having had such a healthy, well-balanced nutritious meal – one that goes well with sake – you can enjoy a day out in Koyasan.



We offer various activities to allow you to experience Koyasan more deeply, such as Shakyo (sutra copying), Ajikan (Esoteric meditation technique), Prayer Bead making, and monk-guided tours around Koyasan.

For details, please visit our reservation site.


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Scenery of Saizen-in

Leave behind the daily hustle and bustle at Saizen-in, where times flows slower than in the rest of the world.